Day 3

Day 3 – in Cyprus! {Travel Log – Food Diary} Pumpkin soup, Lahmacun and Orange peel jam!

Sunday 22nd January – Lefke, Northern Cyprus


Today’s breakfast: {Pumpkin, orange lentil & pasta soup}{ yogurt, tahini, lemon & garlic mix on a bed of cauliflower and fresh cut parsley}{ parsley & lettuce salad,with little cubes of  richTurkish pistachio halva (far left)}

Today I discovered a jam that you can make from something you would throw away! Orange peel jam! In blessed Lefke, I have learnt that they never waste, even the foods they get are the leftover’s from the market so they don’t throw them away – yet they look so tasty and fresh!

So with the plentiful of oranges surrounding nearly the whole village of Lefke, what do you do with the peel’s after eating all the mandarins and oranges? Back home we would simple throw them, or sometimes burn them for the citrus smell, but never have I thought of making jam out of the peel!

Today my task in the kitchen with helping out, was boiling a bucket load of orange peel, strain and re-boil, strain and re-boil, and continuing this process for 5 times. Until the orange peel is tender and soft.

orange peel

A big pot for all the orange peels!

How’s it done, Orange Peel Jam Recipe:

After the process of re-boiling and straining 5 times, you slice the orange peel into very small cubes – or even blend it if you preferred. And with 1 cup of orange peel, you add 1/2 cup of sugar and follow the process of making jam – she also added fresh orange juice. I don’t know the full process as I then was away from the kitchen and back to find the jam was made! But I did manage to get the 1 cup of orange peel to 1/2 cup of sugar – very crucial! With fresh orange/mandarin juice added and I must say, it was very very delicious!!


Orange peel jam – yummy! A perfect side for breakfast.

Lefke, Cyprus – 4pm – Boylu Restaurant


Now Lefke is a small village so you don’t expect big city-like restaurants (it’s all part of the retreat!) but we did find this little restaurant on the corner. It isn’t 5 star or anything, but makes very yummy Adana Kebab (rolled mince-meat kebab) and not too bad Lahmacun’s either!

Adana Kebab…


In our trip, I tried 3 different Kebab’s and this was my favorite  Right amount of seasoning, enough to fill you up and nicely cooked – only for 5 Turkish Lira – £1.78 bargain!

The Lahmacun…



Not bad for a tiny restaurant round a corner – delicious!!!

Midnight treats – Sister’s Guesthouse, Lefke

Before I finish off my Day 3 post, here is a sneaky peak of what we had at night. Halal Haribo, Turkish Delight and yummy milk chocolate.


Day 4 & 5 will be up tomorrow! With Bulgar (cracked wheat), yogurt soup, henna art and more!!




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