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Here you’ll find a selection of my cooking tips which are required for some of my recipes so if a recipe says refer to “Cooking Tips” you have come to the right place!



How to peel a tomato




In my Lahmacun recipe (Turkish Pizza) I use 1 peeled tomato. And how to peel a tomato successfully is to first gently slice down the tomato in different areas of the tomato by making ‘slashes’. Then place the tomato into a bowl and pour boiling hot water onto the tomato. Leave for a few minutes and then drain. You will notice that where you have slashed, the tomato is beginning to peel. Just continue peeling until you have 1 fully peeled tomato. Simple.




How to peel tomato




How to wash raw chicken – preparing chicken for roast dinner


This is something I do when preparing chicken before roast dinner but also use this cleaning method for all uses of chicken in my recipes.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 lemon cut into quarters (4)
  • Sea salt
  • DSCF3214

First slice your lemon into quarters and sprinkle liberally onto each lemon some sea salt. Next get your raw chicken and under a running cold tap, start using the lemon slices as your ‘sponges’ and scrub your raw chicken with them thoroughly all over the chicken. The lemon will help clean your raw chicken and improve taste when cooking. Once you have used all your lemon in scrubbing the raw chicken, rinse it over with cold water.

A YouTube video is also available demonstrating how I wash the chicken.

Click the video picture below to take you to the video.


Wash chicken pic




How to prepare pitta bread for Lahmacun



Also in my Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) recipe, I use pitta bread instead of making my own dough which saves time and also serves as a great quick dish for when you have guests round.

First get your pitta bread, and using a long sharp knife start by slowing slicing the pitta bread in half starting from one side reaching the other till you have 2 halves. If they are too thin, don’t use them as they will break in half very quickly once cooked in the oven so make sure they are even thickness.



Preparing pitta bread




How to Prepare and Cook Chickpeas



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