Vegetable & Chicken Biryani recipe review

Good news! Finally my camera-to-PC cable wire has come through the post so been busy all day trying to edit photo’s of my previous recipes and my experimental recipes.

As a sneak preview, here is my spicy biryani made with vegetables and some left over chicken pieces (great if you have leftover chicken from last night’s roast dinner!)


This was made after I bought ‘Shan’ spice mix, I’ve heard a lot about Shan and thought to try it out. After purchasing it, I studied the back on how use the spice mix and I was astounded with how much other ingredients you had to buy! From tamarind, ginger paste, garlic paste, curry leaves to green chillies which I didn’t have any of them. So I thought to add my own mixes and still use the spice mix but in my own fashion.

In this recipe I used mushrooms, fresh runner beans, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, coriander powder, and slices of courgettes. I fried the ingredients together in the frying pan while cooking the rice and putting the spice vegetable and chicken mix on simmer. After 30minutes I got an empty large saucepan and layer after layer I filled it wither one layer of cooked rice, with one layer of the vegetable/chicken spice mix, cooked on low heat for 5minutes and stir. Serve hot!

I will be posting a video tutorial and full method in the future as I definitely enjoyed this meal, only thing to be prepared with is that this Shan mix (Malay Chicken Biryani version) is very spicy, so use cautiously!

This was also one of my meals I made for Eid! ❤

P.S this can be a tasty vegetarian meal too just by excluding the chicken.



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